Who is MortuusAmor?

MortuusAmor is a newcomer burlesque performer and an alternative model from Tampere, Finland.
She made her first solo burlesque debut in August 2016 in Tampere and after that MortuusAmor has been performing around Finland for example in Turku, Jyväskylä and Helsinki but also in Tallinn, Estonia.
She began her journey by attending weekly burlesque classes in 2014 and she has been attending various workshops taught by both Finnish and foreign performers.

MortuusAmor is also part of a burlesque troupe Vermillion Dames coached by gorgeous Olivia Rouge. The troupe was founded in the beginning of 2016 and they have been twirling their tassels in several events such as Unique Art & Tattoo Festival in Hämeenlinna, Horror & Tease Show at Klubi, Tampere and Burlesque Exposé at Tampere-talo.
She gets her inspiration from bright colours, Tim Burton's movies, comicbooks, strange music, everything macabre and grotesque. She might seem tought with her tattoos and piercings, but she also has a softer side full of glitter, lace, cats and love for the victorian era.

 Prepare to step in to the world of tease and humour spiced with danger and even madness with MortuusAmor!
Photo: Studio Wolmari